Times Union: On the road to greater treatment

Nine-year-old Haley Hilt rarely slept, hardly interacted or played with her siblings and couldn’t walk or feed herself.

The seizures Haley has suffered from since she was about a month old have been debilitating, requiring over a dozen different anti-epileptic medications, special diets and even neurosurgery – all doing nothing to help alleviate the challenges the East Schodack child endured on a daily basis.

But after roughly nine months of using liquid-based medical marijuana for Haley’s epilepsy – recently legalized in New York State – her quality of life has improved.

“Since starting it, her seizures have decreased by approximately 75 percent,” Haley’s mother Melissa Hilt said. “She is now taking steps, she’s attempting to feed herself and she said her first word. It’s truly been a miracle for us.”

Vireo Health of New York opened its fourth medical marijuana dispensary in the state Sunday on Fuller Road in Colonie, ensuring that the Hilts – who previously travelled three hours one-way to the Vireo location in White Plains – and other patients dedicated to the company have a closer spot to secure the medication. It also has offices in White Plains, Binghamton and Queens.

The Fuller Road location is the third medical marijuana dispensary to open in the Capital Region this year. Others include PharmaCannis in Guilderland and Etain in Albany.

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News Channel 10 ABC: New local medical marijuana dispensary helps family with epileptic daughter

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Today marks the grand opening of Vireo Health’s new medical marijuana dispensary on Fuller Road.

Lines of people lined up beforehand, but for one young girl and her family, the dispensary is already helping make a big difference in their lives.

Suffering from epilepsy, nine-year-old Haley Hilt has been struggling to find a cure to help.

“Haley has been having seizures since she was about a month old,” said mother Melissa Hilt.

Any measures used to try and prevent them came up short, time and time again.

“We’ve been through 15 different epileptic medications, special diets, and she even had surgery to try and stop the seizures,” Melissa said.

Medical Marijuana treatments remained as the other option to try and treat Haley.

“The more I researched it, the more I was just shocked at how well these kids were doing and I thought, nothing else is working why not give this a shot,” Melissa said.

The family decided to go for it and in February, Melissa began Haley’s treatment on Indigo, a liquid based medical cannabis.

Since starting the treatments, her seizures have decreased nearly 75 percent.

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